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It’s good to see you again



It’s good to see you again



It’s been quite some time since I’ve written. So, let’s catch up a bit.

All is well on the home front. Is everything perfect? Of course not, but we’re doing our best to make it all work.

Changes have been made at Barefoot that should make this easier for me.

Not you, because I hope this is easy enough as it is. I want you to have nothing to do after following, but see us in your mail box, click, and enjoy the read.

You will now receive email notices of Barefoot’s posts about twice a month, usually the first and third Fridays.

If something astounding happens or is such a juicy bit it just can’t wait another minute, you may get a third . . . but generally, twice a month.

If you don’t care what I do with your email address, then read no further. You may return to your carefree and fabulous life eating bonbons under your money tree.


But, if you’re don’t want me to
sell your email to the neighborhood
birdman or drug lords in third world countries
. . .  you may want to know what I do with it.


I have no way of checking to see if your email is accurate. Did you make any typos? Or if you even receive the emails I send . . . which may make today just as pointless.

Nonetheless, if you have any concerns receiving Barefoot emails, let me know. Click on this link and we’ll chat:


Your information is safe and secret here.

I do not sell my mailing list. No one ever sees it except for me. There will be no spam.

I will protect your email privacy.


Susan Shooting altered


And since there’s a long list of emails and I can think of 12 things, like flossing my teeth or rearranging the Tupperware in my cabinets, I’d rather do before reading a list of unidentifiable emails, you can rest easy that your email is safe.

My bad ass assistant will help at a moment’s notice.


Brittany shooting altered



Would you let me know how you found us?

Where did you hear about Barefoot Affairs?

  •  1.  Surfing online
  •  2.  Referral
  •  3.  Social Media (If so, which one?)
  •  4.  Family or friend (Coerced to follow because I made your feel guilty and you can be honest here.)
  •  5.  Other (Can you tell us?)

I’ll make it easy. Just reply in the comment section below with the corresponding number. Thank you!

Inviting Guest Contributors !!!

We are now open to guest contributors. If you and someone your know would like to write a guest post, drop me a note. Tell me a little about yourself, what you have in mind, and provide a sample (500 words max) of your writing within the body of your email. Not as an attachment, I do not open attachments unless I’ve requested them. Each post should be no more than 1200 words and you’ll need to have a few jpeg (600 X 600 max) pictures relevant to your topic.

Last of all  . . .

I would like to end this with a thank you.

Thank you for following Barefoot Affairs! You are following me and I’m glad you’re here.

BTW . . .


 Birdman asked if I knew any email addresses
he could use as business referrals.


Bird Costume atlered



I said I’d check. If you’re interested, let me know. He’s offering 4 feathers. I’ll tell you how I made that costume soon. Super easy.

Until next time. Be sweet!

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