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Bonfire Fondue


Bonfire Fondue


Yes, another post on fire. But, this one is different. It’s about bonfires.

Bonfires are useful. They incinerate stuff lying about the yard you don’t want. Like limbs and twigs. Or papers from the office you should shred. Like old bills. Or pictures of Aunt Liza in that bikini the week after she gave birth to Twilight. (What was she thinking? On second thought, keep that one.)

Bonfires can do everything a cook top can do . . .  but funner.

We have a fully functioning kitchen inside the house with all necessary equipment and quite a bit more that’s helpful, but not crucial. We have a nice table with attractive chairs where we can dine in comfort. We have china, crystal, placemats, cloth napkins, and sterling silverware. We can put on the dog at a moment’s notice.

Where do we prefer? By the fire, on a stump, straight from the end of a skewer. If you’re a really special friend, this is where we feed you.


DIY bonfire fondue


Quite often, we’ll have bonfire fondue. So easy and fun. This a similar take to the shrimp I told you about.


Barefoot’s Bonfire Fondue


1/2 pound sirloin per person


(quantities for 2 pounds of meat)

1/4 cup each red wine, balsamic vinegar, and soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon each garlic & onion power
a few dashes Sriracha sauce or a few jalapenos minced
1/2 inch of ginger root, minced 


1 skewer per person

1 bonfire that’s burned long enough to have nice coals


Cut a sirloin roast into bite sized chunks, place in a baggie, and add marinade. Let it sit for 2-3 hours.

After your fire has settled down with nice hot embers, skewer the meat on tongs and roast over the coals.


This can be as simple as a bowl of meat & 2 skewers or as large as bowls of dipping sauces, trays of veggies (that can also be roasted), and marshmallows for dessert.

Sometimes, I’ll make a board of apps to enjoy while the meat is marinating.


DIY Appetizers with Bonfire


I really shouldn’t call it a recipe. It’s more a method. But, it’s lovely.

Until next time. Be sweet.

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