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Attacked by a Night Critter


Attacked by a Night Critter


My poor little egg shell seedling starters are dead. Ravaged in the night. Attacked while they slept by a roving night critter.


Egg Shells seedling DIY


It was a warm and sunny weekend. The egg shell starters were resting comfortably in the house near a warm window. It was such a pretty day, I thought, “Why not let you have some fresh air?”

You can see how I made them here .

I set them in the sun on that white cooler you see in the upper left corner. And got busy, forgetting all about them.

I’m usually gone with my day job four days at a time. That makes the three days I’m home pretty busy because there are no nights after work to get anything done around the house. Plus, there’s the prep that must get done to be completely gone away from home for four days.

Packing my suitcase is a minor thing. It stays packed. I trade out lingerie, but I don’t wear street clothes that many hours while I’m away, so those only get switched about once a month. I leave an extra uniform packed in case there’s an emergency change due to a spill, but that doesn’t happen very often. My cosmetic case doesn’t need much refill except about once a quarter. My suitcase is easy.

It’s the house, food, and errands that take so much work and time. A week’s worth of errands and shopping need to be done in a day or two. Cleaning the house, cooking meals—those we’re eating right then, as well as having something my guy can eat while I’m gone or I can take with me on the trip, the projects we have going, and everything else — must get done.

My guy’s a huge help, but he’s busy, too. And we’re just always busy. There’s very little down time. We take down time. We have a standing appointment to watch the lake and sit by the fire each evening I’m home. But, we don’t have days  . . .  and I doubt you do either . . . where we ask ourselves, “What are we going to do with ourselves today?”  

So, when I put out my little egg shells, I forgot all about them. And they should have been safe. Mary Weather and Payton are our most frequent visitors (like 3-4 times a day).


Good dog Mary

Good dog Payton














Neither one of them would bother them. And they sleep at home each night, anyway.






One morning while I was away, my guy woke to find them pillaged and plundered across the deck. He scooped them up and salvaged as much as possible. But, they were gone. I could save only one, and he’s iffy.

There are lots of woods around us. Opossums, raccoons, wandering dogs, any number of animals could have stopped in over night. I’ve been sitting in the living room late at night and a gray tabby cat will come walking across the deck. Never see her in the day light.

I’m going to start over. It’s getting late in the season to start from seeds, so I’ll do a few in my window sill just for kicks. Same idea, fewer eggs.


Egg Shell seedling starters


I’ll use these egg cups, the lone survivor, and eggs one of our daughters brings us from her chickies.

Until next time. Be sweet.

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