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#4 No-Sew Dress-ups! A Christmas Tree!


When our youngest daughter was in kindergarten, there was going to be a Christmas parade. Everyone was to dress up as their favorite thing about Christmas.

She attended a Christian kindergarten at a local church and you’d think this parade would be heavy on shepherds, Wise Men, Marys, and baby Jesuses.


There was a plethora of ugly Christmas sweaters worn by the teachers with red or green skirts, white blouses, and black flats (This was 1993, btw). There was a Christmas train made from cardboard boxes. There was a cowboy. No boots, barefoot, but with bells on. They were all free to make their own choices.

And we wanted to be a tree. A Christmas tree. Specifically, a light-up Christmas tree.

So how did I go about this? Back to Michael’s, Party City, and Target. Check out my posts on Parrots, Rudolph, and Clowns, too.

Christmas Tree Supplies:

  • 2 Green Bath Towels
  • Elastic banding (found in sewing supply department)
  • Ornaments & Garland (Choose according to child’s size: small & light weight)
  • Battery-powered, colored Christmas Lights
  • Small brass-colored bells


To be a Christmas tree, I did have some serious sewing on this. Not serious for those who sew, but if you can’t sew a seam with a sewing machine, you’ll think this is serious. If you’re without a machine, I’d suggest staples or no-sew seam tape. Helen owns my local dry-cleaners and also does alterations. I’m sure if asked, she’d sew a couple of seams for me for very little cash. Maybe yours would, too.

I bought two green bath towels and sewed them in a tube, short end to short end. Along the edge made from the long side, I folded this over and sewed a 2″ seam. Inside this seam, I ran a length of elastic for a waist band. It became a towel skirt.

I repeated with the second towel the same thing, but the elastic waist became an elastic neckband. I sewed a giant button hole for arm holes on each side. If you’re really into sewing and have a serger, you could use that to finish the edges for the arms.

I had no pattern, was winging it as I went, so there was a lot of trying on to get everything to fit correctly. When done, we decorated it with wooden Christmas ornaments, red bows, and white plastic garland. I also cut tiny slits in it and ran a string of Christmas lights underneath the top so she lit up. I whip stitched the battery box to the inside hem. There were bells, too. She jingled and twinkled as she walked. Exactly what every five year old wants to do.









And here is my little Christmas Tree with Rudolph . . .


Rudolph & C. Tree



For warmth and practicality, she wore a green turtleneck and pants underneath.

Until next time. Be sweet.

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