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Welcome to Barefoot Affairs. I hope we become good friends. I began this site because I like to write. Because I need to write. Because there are days I can’t write and have to do other stuff. Like work at my day job, plant herbs, or cook dinner. You can read more about me here.

What will you find at Barefoot? I hope you find what I want to find: friends and a way to make life better. A lot of DIY projects aren’t that difficult. Some things may be harder at first, but, in the end, I hope what we share and learn here will make our lives better, easier, lovelier.

I’ve learned a few things along my way in life. I’m still learning things. Some were helpful. Others not so much. But, if I made the effort, I learned from them.Susan Bosscawen81 1000x1500

Things like how to treat our dachshund’s allergies. How to make the world’s best chicken salad. How to make curtains out of a bedspread. Or grow herbs. What is the best cream for crackly feet? And it’s super cheap. Mud a wall or buy a car. Did you know it’s as much a gamble for the salesman as it is for the buyer when bargaining on that price? 

Barefoot Affairs. You know that feeling when you first step on the beach and the warm sand squishes around your toes? The ocean stretches out under the glare of the sun chasing after seagulls and sand crabs. A porpoise twirls offshore.  I wish every affair could be like that. Treasures waiting to be discovered.

Now keep your shoes on and walk in the sand. Yuk. Sometimes I think if we approached life with bare feet, we might not miss the important stuff. All the pretensions would fade away. I’m mean, really, can you imagine the Kardashians barefooted? In a pair of Blahniks, maybe. Buck naked? To be sure. Barefoot? No.

Barefoot Affairs will make our lives better. We will share with each other the affairs of our lives. Tell me how you’ve made yours better. This isn’t therapy, just helpful things that make life a little easier. Or cheaper. And always lovelier. Friends helping each other. That may be the best kind of therapy. And together, we’ll deal with it. Like how to skin road-kill rabbit. Yes, our son actually woke me up one night wanting to know. And we figured it out.

Welcome and come inside!


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