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There’s a Varmint in the House!

There’s a Varmint in the House!

                           (Part 1 of 2)


My guy and I have been making a concerted effort to get to bed earlier. When we go to bed late and get up early, even if we’re watching another episode of House of Cards or True Blood, we’re dragging the next morning. And, since morning lasts until lunch, we’re dragging for half the day.

Therefore, we are not going to stay up late. Not tonight. Not ever again. I don’t care if Francis or Sookie get sacked. I’m sure none of you have that problem because you’ve already seen all of the episodes of both shows.

What can I say? We’re just behind in everything.

This morning he got out of bed before me. Sometimes, after he gets up, I’ll sleep another hour. That’s the best hour of my night. Not sure why. He doesn’t snore often or overly loud. He doesn’t toss so much now that we have a memory foam mattress.

Speaking of which, I slept well on our old mattress, a king-size, double-sided pillow top, I’d had nearly 18 years. I get that it was time to replace it.

They say an old mattress weighs more than a new one because of all of the dead skin flakes that sink into the mattress. If that’s the case, there were probably 3 or 4 people inside that mattress. It took 4 guys to haul it outside.

On occasion, my guy’s back bothers him. He’s over six feet tall and has an extra vertebra in his spin. We are supposed to have about 33 vertebrae. He has 34 and, to squish in that extra one, the space in between is a little smaller. So, he’s prone to pinched nerves.

This is really getting me off my point here, but in light of my desire that we all learn something that will make our lives better, easier, or lovelier . . .  I should tell you about his upside down chair.

Or more accurately, his inversion table. I bought his first a couple of years ago when he’d been down in his back for a couple of months. It sat in the box two weeks in the dining room.

“Hon,” I said ever so patiently, “This isn’t going to help your back a bit sitting in this box.” (He didn’t have much faith in it. I, on the other hand, knew it would help. I know these things.)

In 15 minutes time, he had it put together, had hung upside down on it for 3 minutes, his back popped about 4 times, and he felt immediate relief when he stood back up.

IT’S A MIRACLE! Not really. The gravity of hanging upside down pulled his vertebrae apart enough to provide temporary relief. And if your back is hurting constantly? Temporary can be wonderful. He hangs on it about 3-4 times a day for 2-3 minutes each time when his back bothers him. It is indeed a good thing.

inversion table


We’ve ended up buying three of these. One’s at the house, one’s at his office, and one he sold to a friend who tried it at his office, bought it from my guy on the spot and took it home with him. You can find them HERE.

But, that extra vertebra in his back isn’t just going to go away and he often woke up with an achy back. In comes the memory foam mattress. I did a ton of research in my quest for a memory foam.

They’re expensive. $4000 expensive. For something this different, with no real way to test it out, I wasn’t excited about spending that much until I knew we were in love.

I found one on Amazon for $700 that had good reviews on other sites. It may not last as long as a $4000 one, but it has a 20 year warranty and no tax or delivery charge (We have that Amazon Prime. It has its advantages, but always compare your total costs before ordering.).

I ordered it on a Tuesday and it arrived on Friday. Like this:


Mattress 1 of 3


Mattress 3 of 3


And it was starting to rain. I bought it HERE. And you can read my REVIEW.

After many calls to UPS, I learned from the nice lady (I’d tell you her name, but don’t know if she’d like that or get in trouble with the suits. You know how they can be sometimes.) that Amazon loads their own 18-wheelers with prepackaged products and UPS picks up these preloaded trucks. They have no idea how or who has packaged what’s inside. They can only deliver them.

I don’t know how my wonderful UPS delivery man even got it out of the truck. It came to them like you see above. And, it weighs about 125 pounds.

I spent the next day writing my Amazon review, a letter of complaint to the mattress company, and a letter of appreciation to UPS. Most of the spots came clean and, because it was easier to keep it than go through the hassle of returning it, we unwrapped the rest of it, set it up & let it finish inflating on our bed frame.

We’ve now slept on it for three nights. I like it fine. I was happy before. But, my guy says it’s definitely been better for his back. He can tell a significant difference.

Which brings me to this morning. We had a varmint come into our house while I was still sleeping on our new mattress.

But, I’m sure you’ve got other things to do and this has gone on far too long. I’ll tell you next time.

To be continued . . .

The Varmint Part 2

Be sweet.

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