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I’m still in need of character building


I’m still in need of character building . . . at this age?


Have you missed me? Did you miss our Affairs?

I’ll bet you woke up each day wondering, ‘Will I hear from her today? Wonder what’s she’s been doing?’

No? You mean you have a full and healthy life without me?

Well, yeah.

Yea! Good for you.

But, I’m still glad you’re here now that I’m back.

I’ve been off the ‘net’ for three weeks, until today, June 21.  I could go into great detail about how a certain previous host made this more difficult than it should have been, but that would be boring and petty. So, let’s just leave it that there were recent difficulties in getting the domain name transferred, beyond the previous difficulties in transferring the hosting service.

And I built a little more character. I suppose even at this age, I still need character building. This old dog had to learn a new trick.

There are so many moving parts to working on a computer, dealing with the internet, and owning a blog. Writing a post to you guys is the easiest– and funnest– part.

I’ve written earlier about the complexity of creating a blog. There are many sites where you can go and buy all you need to create your own blog. And they’re not that expensive. But, after looking through different templates and hosting packages… and making a wrong turn with the aforementioned host, I’ve finally landed at HostGator. The last of the transfer was completed this past weekend.

I want to publish a post twice a week. My goal is Mondays and Thursdays. There’s a nifty little calendar on the dashboard for this site that lets me schedule in advance the publishing date for completed posts.

I had a post set to publish June 2. The site went down May 30. It came back up June 21. A transfer that was to take 5 days took 22. Go figure, my luck. My, now, enhanced character.

But, the June 2 post, Un Petit Amuse, shot out the gate 20 days late.

Hopefully, these issues are all settled now and my character can take a rest.

But, you may be wondering what I’ve been doing the past 3 weeks.

Absolutely nothing. Eating bon-bons and sipping wine. At the beach. See?



Until Thursday,



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