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Gladys, the squirrel







Gladys has started stopping by the house every day. Literally, every day. We didn’t know she was a Gladys until she stood up one morning and my guy said, “Look, she’s a little momma.”

Her little titties were red and swollen from feeding her babies.

I had some stale almonds on hand, so I put out two or three. She’d sneak up, grab one, and run away.

After a while, she got used to us and would eat them sitting right there.

When the almonds ran low, my guy tried a dog biscuit. Given a choice, she actually liked the dog biscuits better than the almonds.


This is Gladys hiding.



And then, running away.




She made a mess when I put the almonds on an end table, so we gave her a dish.





And the biscuit thief runs away again.



Then, she used my pot to store a nut.





She thinks if she lies flat, we can’t see her.





Or she hides behind a rock . . .



. . . or a post.



But a doggy biscuit trumps fear.





Our Montana friends had a neighborly squirrel. Norm kept a bowl of peanuts inside the house near the door. He’d sit outside and this little squirrel would hop up on his knee, take a peanut, and eat it. The little fellow got so comfortable, one day Norm was outside and looked in through the screen door and there he sat in the bowl eating nuts. He’d chewed a hole in the screen and helped himself.

Until next time.  Be sweet.













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