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Cream for crackley feet & hands


Cream for crackley feet & hands


Ok, it seems we’re on a roll here to have smooth skin. Maybe it’s because it’s fall and my skin gets so dry in the winter heat. I promise this will be the last post on greasy stuff. Unless I run across something new.

But, this works. I first used this at least 10 years ago. Don’t really remember where I can across it. And it’s so simple.

It’s nothing but Crisco.




And socks.


Crisco sox


Use old, white, thick socks. You want them thick enough the Crisco doesn’t come through onto your sheets. And they’ll get pretty stiff with Crisco as you repeatedly use them. Washing helps, of course, but they’re never the same. You’ll eventually toss them.

I’ve seen “lubricated”  or “medicated” socks for sale. They’re specially treated with lanolin or oils that moisturize you feet while you sleep. This is the same principal.

I don’t ordinarily keep Crisco on hand for cooking, but the grocery stores still carry it. That and an old pair of socks are all you need.

And feet, of course. I debated on including this picture of my feet. Strictly out of vanity, I was going to skip it. We all have our feet. But, we all have socks, too, and I gave you a picture of my old socks.

It’s funny how age creeps up on you. I remember when the kids were little, I realized that children grow in spurts, kind of like rick rack. They’ll plateau for a while, and then all of a sudden, they shoot up two inches over the summer.

I didn’t realized it until this fall, but aging in adults does the same thing. I could bluff my way on my age for a long time. I think this summer I hit a growth spurt.

I used to think my feet were one of my best features. That’s sad, when you think about it. My feet? Of all the parts of my body, good or bad, I thought they were one of the best? Pathetic.

Look at my toes, they are almost even across. On some feet, all of the toes slant back from the big toe so far that little toe is completely down the side of the foot, even behind the knuckle of the big toe across from it. Mine were closer in line with each other. And I kind of liked it. But that is now in the far, far past.

After this summer? My feet look more like turkey feet. Pathetic


Crisco feet light



Even my ankles are getting wrinkles. You know what they say about pictures: It’s all in the lighting. So here are my turkey feet in a better light. Yeah. Dark light.



Crisco feet dark


But, back to today’s post. After a nice pedicure, when you have no callouses or manicure with no rough cuticles, just before bed, slather on a light coating of Crisco on your feet. Slip on socks. Do the same with your hands and slip on another pair of socks.

You could use gloves for your hands, but I never have any except those for cold weather, out-door gloves. If you had a pair of white cotton gloves, those would work, but I haven’t seen white cotton gloves since I was about eight years old.

So just use a pair of socks.

Do this the last thing before you go to sleep, because you won’t be able to do much with those hands in sock-mittens.

Next morning? Ta-Daa! Soft skin. If you feel too oily, a morning shower will wash the extra off or just run warm water over them and pat dry. Same with your hands.


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