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My name is Susan . . . .

. . . . and I’m an alcoholic . . . a soccer-mom . . . a student . . . a movie star . . .

No, no, no-o-o.

Hello. My name is Susan and I’m a . . . . Susan Bosscawen300

By now, you’d think I’d know. I’m just a woman getting through life the best she can. Hopefully, without killing a few people. Even those who deserved it.

I am happily married. My guy makes me laugh. And he rubs my feet after a long day. . . and on the short ones. Between us, we have four children— adult children. They all have children. We have nine grandchildren! We all have pets. Dogs, cats, iguanas, rabbits, fish, birds. And any number of creatures that visit our lives.

A long time ago, I was unhappily married, but that’s for another day. Mainly, I don’t want you thinking this blog or myself—or our family, for that matter—are perfect.

This isn’t another blog written by someone who looks like a model (I’d have to find a standin for that), with four perfect children, who sews everything they wear, grows her own food, and has nothing better to do in her perfect little life than tell you about her perfect little family.

A wise friend once said to me, “Few of us escape this world unscathed by pain.” And he’s right. We can’t dictate all of the cards we are dealt in our life.

But! We can decide how to play our hand! I want to play my hand as well as I can.

I’m handy. I can do quite a number of things fairly well. I think in terms of DIY first. And what I haven’t done, they’ll walk me through it at the hardware store. Or the garden center. Or the fabric store. They love to help. And it saves me a ton of money. Maybe I’m not handy, just cheap.

It must be genetic. My folks are handy. Actually, if I’m handy, Betty and Tom are masterly. Today, they’re in their 80s and living life as we all dream: they do what they want, when they want, and are in good health. In my lifetime, they’ve built two of their primary homes, their beach house, remodeled a number of other houses, sewed our clothes, grew vegetables and made homemade ketchup, built a swimming pool, catered wedding receptions for friends— now those were clever, economical, and elegant affairs that would put Bridezillas to shame there was so much genuine love— and the list goes on, but the point is they were thrifty and green before it was fashionable.

Our two: Penny & SamI know how lucky I am. I was raised by loving parents who gave me a balanced sense of life, religion, money, and love. I’m grateful God loves me and I have no particular angst against organized religion, free spirits, marriage, or wealth.

Mostly, I just want the government to stay the hell out of my life. Do their job— protect us from the bad guys. Right now, I’d give them a D- — on both sides of the aisle. 

I have a day job. I’m a flight attendant. For a regional airline. That translates to small. As in so small, you won’t even know you’re on our airline when you sit down. We dress like the big boys.

Except we fly really small airplanes. Think one- or two-flight-attendants- small and the ceiling is low enough you can touch it. The bathroom is so small, the mile-high club is a physical impossibility.

We affectionately call it the Pretty Sh!#*y Airline. There are advantages and disadvantages. In terms of fame and fortune, I could join those flipping hamburgers and make more money. That’s a thought I try not to dwell on.

Why do I stay? Because the job’s actually kind of fun. And having health insurance and free flying is a good thing. Would I want it as a career? No. But, for now, I can fly free or cheap to pretty much any place I want to go. Even though I work for a dinky little commuter, we are owned by a major airline and I can fly anywhere that major airline goes as well. Plus, there are steep discounts on other carriers. We flew from Charlotte to Montana for $32. Stinking steep.

I write. Oh! My! Goodness!! That’s why I created this site. I wanted to write. I wanted to share things we’ve learned that will make our lives better. I wanted to share some of my stories and experiences. A few things have been published. I haven’t made any money, but it’s what I want to do when I grow up.

Kitty dishes

Pottery for kitty dishes or candy

I make pottery. Some things turned out great. Others were colossal failures. But it’s so fun!

I grow lettuces and herbs. It’s wonderful having fresh herbs right outside my door when I’m cooking. And the bunnies love me.

I can sew, paint & draw, hang wallpaper, cook and do a few other things good enough I generally don’t have to hire someone unless I’m lazy. I love a clean house, but hate cleaning house. BTW, I’m also lazy. And, also, BTW . . . this font size is a whopping 14. Larger than customary, but nicer for my eyes to read.


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